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Australia Through the Alphabet – 24 Places to Visit Downunder

If you travel to London on a trip you can take part in a famous pub crawl that takes you to all of the places on the original Monopoly board. We are unsure of any similar initiatives that you can follow around Australia, but to be honest you would not want to travel Down Under and spend all of your time in a watering hole anyway.

You can have some fun travelling around, however, and as a huge country housing a range of climate conditions and landscape you will never be short of places to visit. If you are looking to turn your trip Down Under into a real Australian adventure, why not let the letters of the alphabet be your guide.

We came up with this definitive list of 24 of the very best places in Australia. Despite extensive research, we were unable to find anywhere in the country starting with an X or a Z! Unfortunately, we were unable to fix them into a practical order for travelling around them alphabetically, too!

Australian Alps

Some people are not aware that the Australian Alps mountain range even exists. Situated in the southeastern corner of Oz, one of the more remarkable features of the Alps is it is the only place on the mainland where snow falls.

You would not know it during the southern hemisphere summer, however, when the Alps are a stunning location for hiking and other outdoor pursuits as well as discovering some of the world’s most unique wildlife. By winter, the Alps transform into one of the most beautiful yet surreal skiing and snowboarding resorts in the world


This tourist town is often one of the forgotten gems of Australia, given its location well off the beaten track in the northwest corner of the country. Despite being relatively small, Broome has one of the more eclectic and diverse communities in Australia, being popular with lovers of culture and the arts who emigrate Down Under.

Broome’s location looking out into the Indian Ocean from the west coast of Australia makes it the perfect place to take in the sunset, and will leave you with a lasting memory of your trip.


Australia’s capital is unique compared to other capital cities around the world, primarily because it is not one of the most ‘go to’ destinations in the eyes of many travelers.

That fact alone means the city, as well as the whole of the Australian Capital Territory, is a great place to visit, as many tourists who believe they know better have decided to leave Canberra alone in favor of the more popular coastal areas.


The northernmost city in Australia, Darwin is perhaps better known for its tropical climate and close proximity to the south east of Asia rather than as a great place in its own right.

However, Darwin is perfect for the discerning traveler who has made it through the Red Centre and into the built up areas of the Northern Territory, and great beaches and parkland as well as bars, restaurants, and other popular leisure facilities.

Enzo’s on the Beach

It is rare to find a travel guide for a huge country that specifically features a particular café, but Enzo’s of Hervey Bay is so amazing that it deserves a mention.

Situated on the beachfront, as its name suggests, you can while away the hours at Enzo’s while enjoying something to eat or a refreshing drink, and have a great view of a friend, family member, or partner as they take a surfing lesson as you kick back and relax.

Flinders Street Station

Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station looks more like the grand façade of a luxury-shopping boutique or a palatial compound rather than a train station. There is no doubt that this building stands alongside New York City’s Grand Central as one of the most stunning public transport hubs on Earth.

A beautiful sight in the Melbourne sunshine, it begins to look even better at sunset as the whole façade is lit up, so find a great restaurant nearby for something to eat and drink while you wait for the photo opportunity of a lifetime.

Great Ocean Road

Few stretches of tarmac anywhere in the world are as famous as this one. The Great Ocean Road is such an amazing adventure that you could probably come up with an A to Z of this and spend weeks exploring it yourself.


Tasmania is often Australia’s forgotten state, owing to its island status and location 150 miles south of the Australian mainland. Hobart is the state capital, and one of the best cities in the whole of the country.

In Hobart, you will find heritage-laden museums, art galleries, zoos, parkland, thriving markets, and anything else you would ever wish to find during a holiday. It is also a great base camp for exploring the rest of Tasmania, which combines most of Australia’s greatest elements in one condensed place.

Iron Range National Park

Situated high on the eastern coast of Australia, this is another of the country’s hidden areas of beauty that does not get the attention it deserves. Used as an Australian Army base during World War II, today the park is best known for the Aboriginal Iron Range Resource Reserve at Lockheart River, and the mine at Scrubby Creek.


It is not often that you travel to a National Park anywhere in the world and expect to find a town in the center of it. Kakadu National Park, Australia’s biggest, is the size of a small country. Jabiru is a small town, but serves as the perfect place to visit and stay while exploring the surrounding beauty of Kakadu.

The world famous Crocodile Holiday Inn is the obvious place to stay, while those looking to relax can take advantage of the Jabiru Golf Course, which sits inside the stunning scenery of Kakadu National Park.

Kangaroo Island

Australia is famous for its kangaroos, so where better in the country to see them than on Kangaroo Island? The great feature of this island, situated a short distance from the south coastal city of Adelaide, is that there is more than just kangaroos to view and take your breath away.

If you ever doubted you could see penguins in Australia, you will find then in this place. In addition, expect to see seals and their pups relaxing on the coastline, as well as a number of rare birds and other animal species. Be aware that most of Kangaroo Island is a protected site, so you can only travel across many areas of it on an organized excursion.

Lizard Island

When an entire island is given National Park status, you know that it must be something special. That definitely holds true at Lizard Island, where not only can you expect to come face to face with some of the biggest yet most friendly lizard life in the world, but enjoy unspoiled beaches and luxury accommodation.

The only downside is that staying here is expensive, so if you are planning to travel to Lizard Island you might want to strike a few other places from your list. However, rest assured that it is definitely worth it, should you make that choice.

Margaret River

If it were not for the emergence and growth of Perth as one of the world’s most modern cities, Margaret River would be the place to go on the west coast. In the event, it is still an amazing place to visit, both in respect of the town itself and the entire surrounding region, which while not well known abroad is one of Australia’s most loved wine regions domestically.

Shops, restaurants, and romance are everywhere you look, making it a great place to go for loved up couples. The town is also a short drive from the village of Augusta, so the temptation for golf fans is an obvious one.

Nightcap National Park

We are not entirely sure if this park took its name from people who loved to have an alcoholic libation before going to sleep, but there is no doubt that there are more reasons to travel here than the fact it has a great name.

Waterfalls are a huge feature of the park, as is the famous 16km Nightcap Track, a beautiful nature trail and hike that will take you to some of the best places around this park. Mount Nardi also offers a challenging yet reasonably easy climb at 800metres tall, and the park visitor center has dozens of suggestions for picnic spots and other recreational pursuits around Nightcap.


Many people head off to Australia with a plan to visit the outback. However, you should be aware that you cannot really ‘visit’ the outback given that it accounts for a huge swathe of Australia’s land space.

Wherever you travel in Australia, you are certain to encounter the outback at some stage. Enjoy the experience, but unless you are in a four-wheel drive or on horseback, we recommend you stay on the designated roads!

Phillip Island

Situated a short distance outside of Melbourne, Phillip Island might be familiar to some sports fans as being the host of the Australian Moto GP event. While that attracts thousands of visitors to the area, it is actually one of the best places in Australia for discovering conservation initiatives and wildlife.

Two Koala conservation centres and three wildlife parks, in addition to several beaches and vibrant towns, makes Phillip Island a great place to experience the Australian outdoors only a few miles from one of the country’s biggest cities.


While Hobart basks in its status as Tasmania’s state capital, Queenstown enjoys its location as a wildlife lover’s hub to an equal degree. A short distance from the shores of Lake Burbury and surrounded by a combination of rolling countryside, hills, and National Parks, Queenstown is a great place to escape from the usual busy nature of tourist locations and enjoy a range of peaceful activities in the heart of Tasmania.

Rainbow Beach

Queensland is filled with so many popular tourist resorts that it is understandable that one or two might be forgotten about. As far as we are concerned, the fact that Rainbow Beach does not appear in more ‘must see’ guides is nothing short of criminal.

Rainbow Beach takes its name from the sheer sand cliffs surrounding it, which feature over 70 shades of color in total, and is situated on the edge of a stunning forest just a short distance from Tin Can Bay and Fraser Island.


While we have tried to keep this guide to as many places as possible that you might not have heard of or found in your typical guide or brochure, there is no way that Sydney can be left off this list.

Where do we start with places to visit in this great city? Rather than give you hard locations, we will offer some simple suggestions instead.

One, avoid Bondi Beach. Yes, it is a popular place, but Sydney has dozens of great beaches that will not be overrun by tourists but offer the same great experience. Two, travel out to the Blue Mountains just outside of the city and enjoy an Aboriginal tour of the area. Finally, a helicopter flight over the city at dusk is a must if you want to take some great photos.

Tamar Valley

A final trip to Tasmania so far as this guide goes, and the Tamar Valley, surrounding the Tamar River at the north of the island, is well worth the trip. Forests, nature trails, and small towns of friendly, welcoming communities make this area brilliant for a relaxing jaunt and for taking in one of the lesser heralded places in Australia.


Do not let the long drive into the center of Australia put you off; Uluru is well worth it!

Picture this now; at the end of your drive, you pitch up to be welcomes by local Aboriginal guides, who will prepare you a delicious barbecue meal along with the drink of your choice. You will get to see Uluru at sunset, again at sunrise, and be guided around the whole of the National Park by a tribesperson who will tell you everything about the history of Uluru and the surrounding area, and why all Australians hold it in such high regard.

Victor Harbor

We will be honest with you, Victor Harbor is not a place where most people would want to spend a lot of time, but it is unique for a tourist town in Australia. The closest thing we have been able to liken it to is a seaside resort in the United Kingdom – think Blackpool or Scarborough, just with better weather, and you are getting there.

It is a great place to take the family, however, especially if you have been driving across Australia for days and the kids need a break.

Whitsunday Islands

This collection of stunning islands is yet another reminder of the luxurious nature that most of Queensland throws at tourists, and is perfect for exploring the Great Barrier Reef or travelling to coastal towns and cities such as Townsville and Cairns.

Yarra Valley

If you have gone through the whole alphabet to travel here, then you will need refreshing by this stage. The Yarra Valley, outside of Melbourne, is one of the country’s most famous wine regions, meaning you can tour vineyards as well as indulge yourself in tasting and drinking some of Australia’s finest tipples during your trip.

Your Australian Adventure

Whether you try to fit as many of these locations into one trip as possible, or simply keep this list handy for repeated trips Down Under, you now have some great ideas of places to add to your ‘must see’ travel agenda.

By car, rail, or air, it will not matter how you get to them, but you are certain not to be disappointed at any stage.

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