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Safe Driving in Victoria

Victoria is a diverse state with a unique set of conditions that can make driving hazardous. We’ll known for a climate of extremes it can be extremely hot in summer and very cold in winter (especially in alpine regions). These extremes can create hazardous conditions on the road and require caution.

Another hazard that is common in country areas of Victoria are animals on the road. Dusk is the most risky time to be on the road in country Victoria. It is not uncommon to see kangaroos and wombats that have been hit by cars and they can do a lot of damage.

For the most part Victoria has high quality roads that make for a smooth drive. However, due to the extreme weather you do need to be aware of the odd pothole if you’re driving away from the main highways.

The following infographic by Allianz Insurance illustrates the most dangerous roads in Victoria. Having driven on most of these roads myself I wouldn’t label them as some of “Australia’s worst roads” but I think the information presented justifies taking extra caution when driving on them.

Safe Driving Infographic

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