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Melbourne is one of Australia’s hot spots for travellers. From this modern city you can explore many different regions and engage in fishing, adventuring, take in major sporting events and more. Here are just some of the lesser-known highlights of what you will find in the Melbourne area.

South Melbourne Market

The South Melbourne Market is something you have to visit when you are there. It is one of the world’s largest indoor and outdoor markets that feature mostly fresh foods and produce. What makes this market so unique is it is consciously put together and run to create as small a carbon footprint as possible. A portion of the cost to be in the market is used to continue to maintain the building and address additional environmental impact adjustments as needed. It is a great place to see the real Melbourne and to meet people.

1000 Steps “The 1000 Steps” by Karl Munzel. Original uploader was Titus Vespasian at en.wikipedia

The 1000 steps

This is something that you should only attempt if you are only in good shape. The Kokoda Memorial Track Walk is a 1,000 steps plank stair that climbs up to a small picnic area on Mt. Dandenong. It is located in the Dandenong National Park and you can get there easily by train or car. It is a steep and vigorous climb that takes almost 2 and ½ hours to complete, but the reward are the views at the top that allow you to see farther than you ever have before. Make sure you wear good shoes and come prepared for a work out too.

Warrandyte “Yarra River at Warrandyte” by Original uploader was Nick carson at en.wikipedia


Warrandyte is to the north and west of Melbourne. It is a small town that was once the center of the gold rush in that area. Many of the mines have been preserved and the whole town has a relaxed and historic feel to it. It helps that the Yarra River runs through the town and brings with it a sound and pace all of its own. While there are lots of places to hike and explore, try to time your visit during the Warrandyte Festival. This annual festival features crafts and music from all over.

Cinema Como and Cinema Nova

Both of these cinemas will change your ideas about what it means to go out to see a movie forever. Cinema Como and Cinema Nova are two separate entities that take a similar approach to making your movie experience better. Como has the more modern and flashier feel, while Nova pays homage to its roots as a twin art house. Both feature bars and lounges where you can meet with friends before and after the movies. There are also dining opportunities and many people come out to enjoy the cinemas without even seeing a movie. If you are also interested in seeing a movie you won’t be disappointed. Como puts an emphasis on presenting as full a range of current global releases as possible, while Nova features main stream releases and indie art house films.

Bayside Trail at St Kilda Bayside Trail at St Kilda

Bayside Trail

The Bayside Trail is one of the many secrets of Melbourne. While everyone knows it is there, many tourists avoid it thinking it is too short and has nothing to offer. It starts near one of the busiest of the Melbourne beaches, St. Kilda but then heads away to one of the quieter and less well known Melbourne beaches and areas – Brighton. Not only is Brighton beach less crowded, there is even a dog beach which can make it more fun. The township area of Brighton is also very enjoyable and away from the crush of tourists too.

Main Yarra Trail Main Yarra Trail

Main Yarra Trail

Just north of the West Gate Bridge in Port Phillip Bay is the entrance to the Main Yarra Trail. This trail follows the Yarra River as it winds its way in and around Melbourne. The trail is shared by cyclists and pedestrians and you can make a full day of exploring on it. Parts of the path are still undergoing upgrades and there are some sections where it is stair access only, but there is more than enough of the trail that can be ridden or walked easily for anyone to enjoy the path.

Williamstown "Williamstown – Hobsons Bay Yacht Club (Established in 1888)"


Williamstown can be the ideal spot to stay if this is your first visit to the Melbourne area. The Nelson Place Tourist Precinct offers much in the way of some of the best dining and entertainment in the city. If you are coming to Melbourne as a regular traveler, you will appreciate all the wonderful hidden precincts that Williamstown has to offer. It is a center of business and commerce that is balanced with a strong arts and cultural presence. There is also a good sporting precinct where everything from yacht racing to horse racing can be found. Your best bet for exploring this historical area is to take your time and don’t assume that you will see all it has to offer on your first visit.

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