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Help Save the Great Barrier Reef

When you book your rental car through us we donate 100% of the profits we earn to Fight For Our Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef is by far and away the largest reef system in the world. Named one of the 7 natural wonders of the world the reef system stretches for over 2,300 kilometres and covers an area roughly the size of Germany.

It is an immensely important natural wonder and critically important to the health of literally millions of species. Unfortunately, the reef is under severe threat from conditions we are causing. Human induced climate change is causing the ocean temperature in the Coral Sea to rise and increasing its acidity levels. We have all heard of the coral bleaching events that are slowly but surely destroying the chances of the reef surviving for future generations.

We need to act now. It’s funny how we can watch tragedy’s unfold as long as they take a (seemingly) long time. The frog that starts in cold water that is slowly brought to the boil doesn’t jump out. This is what is happening to the reef…