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If your after a cheap Townsville car rental then you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we offer a wide variety of vehicles, we also take the work out of finding the best deal on your hire car in Townsville.

We compare all the local car rental companies as well as the major brands so we can bring our customers the best prices. We are proud to offer customer friendly benefits such as no cancellations fees, no booking fees, and in the majority of cases you pay for your rental on pick up and do not need to enter any credit card details. We’re here to help so if you want to ask us a question then hit us up here.

If you’re ready to get started then simply type the details of your trip to Townsville into the form above and we’ll compare all of the available rental cars for your travels dates. The results are easy to understand and organised from lowest price and increasing as you scroll down. To see exactly what is included for each rental check out the “Rental conditions” link. This also contains all the terms and conditions for that rental car.

Once you have confirmed your booking we’ll send a rental voucher to the email you supply. It is important you read this and you’ll also need to print it out and take it to the rental desk when you pick up your vehicle. If you don’t you may have to pay the full rate so make sure you do!

Exciting Townsville destinations

Billabong Sanctuary

The Billabong Sanctuary is a wildlife park. You get the opportunity to get up close and personal with all kinds of Australian animals. You will have the opportunity to see every kind of wildlife from cassowaries to dingoes. You will have the options of shows and speeches you can even partake in feedings.

Lady Bowen

The dive site of Lady Bowen Wreck near Mission Beach is a must see in the area. The site is now over a hundred years old. Wonderful coral formations create a beautiful reef near the beach. You will witness marine life at its finest, giant turtles, barracuda, and sea snakes are just some of the water life you will see. Diving here is an amazing opportunity you do not want to miss.

Alligator Falls Track, Bowling Green Bay National Park

Alligator Creek flows through the national park. The winding water consists of cascades, waterfalls, and pools. You can rest and swim as you choose. One creek leads to another and you will need to cross the creeks at least four times. This is an all day hike, on average taking about six hours for the most experienced hikers.

Castle Hill

In the heart of Townsville there is an outstanding panoramic view of a red rock monolith. There is hiking trails and a road for vehicles to cruise along. American soldiers from World War II left remnants of their visit including what is now an observation bunker.

Centenary Park

Complete with picnic tables, barbeques, and amazing monuments to observe Centenary Park is a great choice to take in some relaxation and eat some lunch. There is history throughout the park dating back as early as 1888 even an original home of the first settlers

Civic Club

If you are just looking to enjoy a drink and a game of pool, the Civic Club is the place to go. If you are lucky enough to be around on one of the famous Friday barbecues do not miss it. If billiards is your game be sure to enjoy the fact that both of the pool tables are over a hundred years old.

Enjoy all Townsville has to offer with the freedom and flexibility of a rental car.